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About our podcast 

Every episode of If it’s Not 1 Thing it’s Your Mother is a catalyst for a great conversation, connection, and an opportunity for personal reflection. For about 20 to 30 minutes each week, the hosts, sisters-in-law Lupe Padilla Mitchell and Katie Mitchell go where their guest and their stories lead the conversation. The guests are from all walks of life and the stories they share cover a broad range of human experience. From a well known actor/author who shares how he discovered his mothering instinct the first time he held his baby to a southern lawyer who brought up the subject of suicide and the impact a ghost of a mother can have on a family.


Today it’s much too easy to create content about the things that divide us. Through our podcast, If it’s Not 1 Thing it’s Your Mother, we tap into the heart of all that connects us.


As hosts, we enter every recording open, curious, and ready to share in a meaningful exchange with someone who is often nothing more than a stranger when we begin recording. But by the end of our sessions we feel like old friends. The feedback from our audience is that they feel the same.


Through our conversations and the stories our guests tell, we discover all the ways our lives, thoughts, feelings and experiences overlap... and it’s a beautiful thing.


Podcast Hosts


Lupe Padilla Mitchell is into the 2nd half of her life, still married to her first husband with whom she’s raised three young women. Marriage, Momhood and raising independent Millennials- she has seen it all! All of which gave her lots of experience to offer real life advice on any of those three M’s. She is a certified life coach, podcast producer/host and a better beauty advocate.


Katie Mitchell is a New Orleans girl, turned LA actor, turned writer and now podcaster. She comes from a long line of storytellers and men who weep. Both have proven to be good training for her professional endeavors and her role as a mother of her teenage son.

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