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Today’s guest is a best-selling novelist and an all around wonderful writer. She's also an even better human. She wrote a beautiful piece for this podcast and then called us with a special request-- that we keep her identity anonymous.

Who doesn't speak to their mother?

What do you do when you have a toxic relationship with your mom? When the mother you want, is not the mother you have? When you are looking for courage or permission to put your well-being first, to live in your truth? What do you do when you don't want to hurt your mom, but continuing the relationship you have set up with each other is making you miserable? What lesson will you teach your kids if you disconnect? Or on the flip side, what will you teach them if you don't?

Life lessons are all around us. And one big lesson to be learned from today’s show is, ‘the way a mother handles her divorce can make or break her relationship with her children going forward’. Another one is 'Self-love is not a bad word'.

Every nugget of wisdom that can save us time along our journey of self awareness, in our effort to evolve into a higher self, is of value. And this episode is chocked full of those nuggets.

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