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In her piece for the podcast, No Regrets, Molly Hagan writes very honestly about her own decision Not to become a mom, and the surprising realization she had about her own mother, a woman she loved but pitied for having been “stuck” mothering 7 children.

Molly Hagan has amassed an extensive resume as an actor over the past 35 years. Molly recurs on Jane the Virgin, iZombie, the upcoming Apple TV Are you Sleeping with Octavia Spencer, and a new Netflix series No Good Nick, premiering in spring 2019.

Molly Hagan has been making a splash in film since Some Kind of Wonderful. But you also know her from Ringmaster, Election and Sully. And some of her favorite television gigs include: The Nutt House, Herman's Head, and Unfabulous. The Interactive movie The Garage Sale marked Molly’s debut as a writer/producer.

Molly Hagan can be found at or on Twitter @mollyhagan, struggling with photography on Instagram @molly7hagan, and completely MIA @TheMollyHagan on Facebook.

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