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ep 12. Gypsy Grandma

Tori Time is a writer, director, actress, and poet living in Los Angeles. After

graduating from The University of Southern California where she received

her Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting, Tori worked for renowned film director,

Sam Taylor-Johnson. Tori studies writing in Jack Grapes Method Writing

classes and is a member of the Los Angeles Poets and Writers Collective.

Tori wrote, directed, and stars in Girl on the Side, a short film which was

made with an all-female crew (release TBD) and is in the process of

adapting it into a feature film. Tori was a finalist for the Sundance New

Voices Lab in 2017 and can be seen on Season 2 of the Mick on Fox.

Tori’s latest poetry can be found in the October 2018 edition of On The

Bus. Tori is a writing mentor at WriteGirls to promote creativity and self-

expression to spotlight the power of a girl and her pen.

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