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ep 27. - Clay Rivers - excerpt from "Walking Tall"

Operating in this world with what others may think of as challenges - being black, a little person, gay, and Christian, Clay Rivers reminds us that we all have challenges that we are walking around with. Some people’s challenges are more hidden. Clay wears his out loud.

I can do it myself! The way he entered into this world was a perfect match for the mother he was born to. She knew that faith, self respect, respect of others and taking personal responsibility was key to fully becoming who you were intended to be. Today’s story is about how the death of Princess Diana reinforced the gratitude he had for his own mother.

Clay Rivers is a writer who writes about the intersection of race, equality, faith and entertainment. His writing credits include most notably The New York Times, the popular Medium publications Crossin(G)enres and The Mission. Clay is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Our Human Family, the new Medium publication that takes a look at racism through the lenses of equality, faith, and the shared humanity of all people.

Clay Rivers is a forty-eight-inch tall actor and art director turned author/accidental activist. His nonfiction essays disarm without force, inform without condescension, and whisper a joyful call that inspires readers to become better versions of themselves. Clay has penned three nonfiction books: 

Walking Tall: A Memoir About the Upside of Small and Other Stuff, 

The Raindancer: Finding Joy in the Storm, and 

3 Things I Know: Facing and Embracing Life’s Challenges. 

Each takes a different look—first, second, and third person points of view—at how to effectively mine the best from life’s most trying circumstances. 

Clay Lives in Orlando and is almost always up for a cappuccino. Or a Manhattan.

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