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If you would be interested in submitting a story for consideration on the show, here are the submission guidelines.

This podcast is a collection of stories about the M word - mother. 

You are not limited in format or story. We have essays, short stories, excerpts from novels and memoirs, songs, poems. We record you reading it, as well as conduct a chit-chat/interview.

Piece can be as short as you like, but no longer than 6 minutes. 

Stories about the ones we Have, the ones we Are, the ones we Know. 

Stories about the ones we’re Partnered with or married to, the random ones we’ve observed (neighbors, dads who mother, nannies, teachers, strangers)…  

Stories about step-god-grand-birth-foster-etc moms, and those who choose not to be moms. Wide Scope.

We are looking for stories, from men and women, all ages, all walks of life (not just writers), that move us or make us laugh or just share the human experience.

Submit your piece in word doc or pdf by emailing it to us below

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